Innovative Kits for Amateur Radio

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K1SWL "PicoMite Memory Keyer"
As featured in QST for May 2023.

SDR Cube Transceiver
Portable Software Defined Radio ... no PC required!


Rainbow Tuner
Colorful SWR display with EFHW tuner


SQM: Signal Quality Meter
Innovative display of transmitted RF signal quality
(Coming soon in 2023!)

Midnight Ultimate Keyer

A full-featured electronic keyer
with unprecedented capabilities

(Coming back soon in 2023!)


DDS-60 Daughtercard
High-quality 1-60 MHz signal generator.
Option for RoHS-compliance.


(Coming soon in 2023!)

(Coming soon in 2023!)

HC908 Daughtercard
Inexpensive computing "brick" with serial bootloading via RS-232.  Lots of I/O with onboard LED heartbeat.
(Coming back soon in 2023!)

Midnight Precision Clock
GPS-based clock provides precise and accurate display of time, temperature, altitude, barometric pressure, maidenhead location and timing signals; 1 Hz to 10 MHz.
(Coming back soon in 2023!)


Phaser Digital Mode Transceiver
A Single-board, 4-watt Digital Mode SSB Transceiver for 160, 80, 60, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15 or 10 Meters ... by Dave Benson, K1SWL
(Product retired)


NUE-PSK Digital Modem
Portable PSK without a PC ... A digital modem for PSK31, RTTY and CW paddle/reader for field use..
(Product retired)


GPS Display terminal
GPS-based clocks and Satellite Display
Two modes provide GPS time and detailed satellite data, in large color graphic LCD
. (
(Product retired)

Scalar Network Analyzer
Inexpensive SNA with color graphic display and touch panel measures filters, antennas, coax, circuits and components. 
((Product retired)

Midnight Loop
An innovative Small Transmitting Loop, presented at the 2010 Massachusetts QRP Conference.
(Project information only.)




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