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Six-Digit Entry of ALT Frequency … WSPR with ease!

The PIC microcontroller U10 comes programmed for the FT8 frequency (green LED) and the ALT frequency (yellow LED) is programmed for the JT8 frequency, on the specific band of the Phaser.  The FT8 frequency cannot be changed;  however the ALT frequency may be reprogrammed by the user to generate any other frequency desired from about 1-30 MHz.  This ‘frequency agility’ allows the Phaser to be set to another popular digital window on that band for working PSK31, Feld-Hell, RTTY, etc.  (See Appendix 7 on page 34 for the way we enabled users to use Morse code for data entry in providing the 5-digit sequence of the desired frequency with 1 kHz resolution. For example, to reprogram the ALT button to move to the PSK31 frequency, one would enter ‘07070’ for 7,070 kHz.)

The Limitation:
Users of the very popular WSPR mode noted that "The WSPR frequency is 7,038.6 kHz, but I can only program the ALT frequency with 1 kHz resolution!"   There were ways around this quasi-limitation (see Knowledge Base #7c) but it was inconvenient to be as frequency agile as desired.

The Solution:
The Phaser’s PIC firmware guru, Craig Johnson AA0ZZ, had been listening to this dialogue on the CTWD email list and he extended his firmware to now take in SIX digits from the user for setting the ALT frequency to resolutions of 100 Hz!  So now to get directly to the 40-meter WSPR base frequency of 7,038.6 kHz, for example, one would enter ‘070386’ in the same manner as already described on page 38 of the Instructions. 

This new PIC firmware has been thoroughly tested and actually has been shipping in new Phaser Kits shipments since order #776 last week.

Availability:  How can the existing 775 Phaser kit owners get this new and improved 6-Digit Entry capability? 
You can order a new U10 chip and have it shipped to your doorstep this coming week!  Just open the package, carefully (with static-awareness and/or protection) and swap it in for the U10 you currently have in your Phaser circuit board. That’s it! 

Ordering:  Phaser Value Pak!
We’ll have the Ordering section on the Phaser homepage updated in a few days to reflect the prices and shipping for a U10 PIC chip programmed with the latest firmware.  But here’s the deal … Since the shipping fee (~$5.00) will be almost three times as much as the U10 chip, we’re making a PHASER VALUE PAK optionally available, thus providing owners an opportunity to ‘fill up the bag’ with other parts.  Prices shown below are tentative for now, but just pick & choose what you’d like to have handy to upgrade/repair your Phaser and it’ll be shipped in the lowest-price way possible.


1)     U10 PIC with 6-Digit Entry feature (~$1.50)

2)     Q4 Power transistor (~$0.78)

3)     Q4 with Heatsink attached (~$1.50)

4)     Heatsink Combo:  Heatsink + Copperclad strip - KB #2 for details  (~$0.75)

5)     DC power plug - long barrel (~$1.50)

That’s it!  Hope this is as Big News for you as it is for us.  We have ongoing plans for the Phaser and this is just another step along the way in providing fun and value for all owners of the Phaser Digital Mode Transceiver. 

73, from the Phaser Team!

PS:  Here are the WSPR testing results that Craig AA0ZZ had with the new 6-Digit Entry feature … Amazing and picture perfect!!



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