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N2APB SDR Cube Transceiver  Collins Radio Association American QRP Club Midnight Design Solutions 
Google NUE-PSK Digital Modem Vintage Radio (Wikipedia) NJ-QRP Club JUMA Kits 
QRZ SNA Glowbugs Web Page (W7EKB) QRP ARCI QRP-Labs (Hans Summers)
AMRAD (Tacos) DDS-60 Glowbugs Info NorCal QRP Club Kanga US 
ARRL GPS Display Terminal (GDT) Glowbugs Web Four State QRP Group EleCraft
Elektor Micro908 Antenna Analyzer Boatanchors G-QRP Club QRP Works (K3 accy's)
Circuit Cellar NAT RadioBanter Lists North Georgia QRP (NOGA) Kits and Parts 
Yahoo Groups HC908 VFO  Antique Radio Forums   QRP Kits  (Pacific Antenna) HC908 Daughtercard Electric Radio Mag Great Personal Project Pages The Parts Place (K5NWA)
eBay BITX40 ER Mag Index Loftur E. Jónasson TF3LJ Dan's Small Parts
PayPal SDR-Widget-Lite BAMA (Manuals) K5BCQ & K5JHF Kits  Mike's Hard To Find Parts
Verizon Central SoftRock Sales K2TQN Old radio Columns ZL2PD SDR-Kits
FaceBook  SoftRock Info Heathkit Museum Talking Electronics on the Web QRPme
LinkedIn  Softrock Drivers   W5DOR QRP Guys
Chords  Charleston SDR MEGA VINTAGE LINKS VA3IUL Homebrew Circuit Ideas Ye Olde Disk Shoppe
Mods.DK AA0ZZ EZKeyer  Essential Vintage Radio Links W3PM WSPR EMTECH
Old Time Radio Shows PIC-EL II & PIC-EL III  Antique Radio Lists (AC6V) F6IDT projects American Morse
Monitoring Times Archives IQPro VFO and LNA/LPF     MFJ Enterprises
REFERENCE UHF Hybrid Synth AMfone  (website) KB5NJD  (630m & 2200m) Ten-Tec
Grounding KD1JV Tenna Dipper Class E AM Forum W3FPR (K2 Projects)  Milestone Technologies
RF Cafe Atmel Butterfly Projects N6EV Glowbug Page Paul Harden NA5N Vectronics
RF Academy Balanced Line Tuner (BLT+) The AM Window AA0ZZ Projects LDG Electronics
WB5CXC  Info, Calcs & Preso's' Switched Longwire Tuner (SLT) The ARRL Phone Operating & Activities WB6DHW Projects  Amateur Electronic Supply
Tonne Software KA7EXM Power Meter   QRP Homebuilder (VE7BPO) RF Connection (Joel)
K8CU Technical Topics Elecraft KX1 Transceiver VINTAGE PARTS VENDORS AL7FS  
Meter Builder (RF Pwr Meter) Elecraft K2 Transceiver Radio Daze KD1JV Kits PARTS VENDORS
Greg Adams' Filter & Design SW Elecraft T1 Tuner Antique Radio Supply JF10ZL (Homebrew Projects) Digi-Key
EZNEC Antenna SW (W7EL)   Surplus Sales of Nebraska K0JD (R2/T2 info) Mouser Electronics
NEC2GO SPECIALTY LINKS Vacuum Tube Supplies G3YCC TAYDA Electronics
Data Sheet Archive TAPR Antique Electronics Supply K7QO Newark Electronics
L. B. Cebik, W4RNL AntenneX Magazine Nationwide Radio & Eq. WE6W Farnell
  Longwave Club of America Bob's Antique Radio & Parts K8IQY (2N2/40, 2N2/15) Arrow Electronics
PIC-A-STAR RF Cafe - Conversion Tables   SM0VPO Future Electronics
PIC-A-STAR DSP XCVR Project Spectrum Analyzer GOOD BOATANCHOR PROJECTS JF1OZL Allied Electronics
Glenn's PCBs & Construction Technical Bibliographies HBR-16 Receiver Todd K4MSW Jameco
TrxAVR-Picastar W7ZOI Spectrum Analyzer SoftRock + R-390A 7N3WVM FAR Circuits
Glenn's TrxAVR Construction Steve Hageman's Workshop Greg Latta AA8V K1TTT  (tech reference) Radio Shack
User Group Mods for Commercial Rig Emmitt's Fix-It Shop (HRO-60 + HBT-90) S56AL (projects) ByteMark
Builder Group   HBR-16 by Joe K8KEJ VK5BR Texas Instruments
  GPS AC-1 Transmitter   Philips Semiconductors
POPULAR LISTS & BLOGS DIY GPS Receiver Class E AM Transmitter DSP DEVELOPMENT Fair Radio Sales Disciplined GPS Clock (ZL1BPU) K1KBW KK7P DSPx Project Barker & Williamson
Time Nuts GPS Stabilised 10 MHZ Osc (G3RUH) WA1QIX "DSP10" Software Defined Radio International Crystal
NUE-PSK Digital Modem Simple GPS Stabilized 10 MHz Osc (G3RUH)   Analog Devices ADSP-2189M NTE Electronics
SDR Cube Transceiver  CNS Systems (professional) YAESU FT-817 LINKS EME, SETI, DSP Radio Adventures
Softrock Brook Shera's GPS Projects KA7OEI FT-817 Pages Bibliography of DSP Textboooks Vector Electronics
Mobo Simplest GPS-DO (Andrew Talbot) W4RT Electronics   Harbor Freight Tools
SDR-Widget Gepetto Electronics (Nic Sayer Products)) Yaesu FT-817 Website SOLDERSMOKE Lashen Electronics
UHFSDR   K6XX Technical Specs Page Podcasts  
HBR   Yahoo FT-817 E-Group "Gadgeteer" Homepage  
AQRP LeapSecond SCHEMATIC CAPTURE PSK-31 Parts Express
QRP-L Doug Hogarth "Niceties" Circard (Holophase) Eduardo EA2BAJ Page Goldmine Electronics
Universal VFO Controller Time & Freq Measurement (Ackerman) Eagle (CadSoft) PSKcore DLL Project All Electronics
HF Pack Fundamentals (NIST) DipTrace WM2U B.G.Micro
DDS VFO Timing (KO4BB) ExpressPCB Treatise on PSK by J. Forrer Marlin P. Jones (MPJ)
Elecraft Brook Clarke's Time & Freq   WinPSK   
PSK31 KE5X Small Parts PCB FAB SHOPS Midnight Science
R2PRO Books NAPPCO Fastener MyRO PCB (prod)  
QRP-Tech NIST Time & Frequency Online Metals PCBnet (proto)  
dsPIC Bill Riley Publications   4PCB (proto)  
Butternut Antennas GPS Time METALS Alberta Printed Circuits  
SDR-1000 Forum   Online Metals Channel Island Circuits  


  MicroRAX Bay Area Circuits  
    Rockler Sunstone PCBs  
    McMaster ExpressPCB  
    OrangeAluminum SHOP TOOLS  
      Harbor Freight  
    CABINETS MicroMark  
    PAR Metals    

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