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"RF Sniffer a la Pittsburg Style" ...  by Joe Porter, W0MQY
Hereís a variation of the now-classic Manhattan style homebrewing technique dubbed "Pittsburg Style" - - a blend of working with etched pc boards, yet retaining the free-form nature of mounting components. The champion of this technique demonstrates how it is used in this simple and useful project for the beginning QRP builder.

"Homebrew Circuit Board Holder"  ...  by Steve Sellmeyer, WB0QQT
Have you ever tried holding a pc board while tring to solder on some loose components? Or perhaps prop the pcb up on a screwdriver to get just the right light while looking through a magnifying glass? Hereís a custom solution from the Four State QRP Group thatís as much fun to make as it is to use.

"SSB Mods for Miniboots CW Amp"  ...  by Wayne McFee, NB6M
On the face of it, turning a class C power amplifier intended for CW operation into a linear amplifier suitable for SSB mode requires nothing more than a biasing circuit that will allow the amplifier to be biased for class AB operation. But is it as simple as that? What are the practical considerations of making the change?

"RF Power Meter Cookbook"  ...  by Joe Everhart, N2CX
Transmitted power is surprisingly tricky to measure -- especially so at QRP levels. N2CX starts us on a two-part exploration of this popular subject by overviewing basic techniques and nuances of low power measurement, with a generous dose of reference material for further study. Part 2 will present a unique working design.

"Manhattan Style Homebrewing Techniques"  ...  by Chuck Adams, K7QO
What do you do when you donít have a circuit board and you donít want to build your project "ugly"? You do it "Manhattan Style" of course! Just glue down some pads and solder the components using the schematic as your guide. K7QO is one of the masters of this technique and he describes his tricks and techniques here in Part 1. Later in Part 2 heíll present some working circuits.

"Electromagnetic Radiation Probes"  ...  by David Forsman, WA7JHZ
If the FCC comes calling with a claim of excessive radiation levels in the neighborís back yard from your 100 watt HF station, good luck! Build these simple 1.8 to 29.7 MHz electromagnetic probes to determine your FCC OET-65B near-field radiation compliance using a common multimeter. You can measure and demonstrate near-field RFR levels instead of simply predicting it with NEC antenna modeling programs or ARRL worksheets.

"Software Defined Radio with the SDR-1000 Transceiver"  ...  by M.Klaper, HB9ARK and J.Piri, WD6CSV
Over the last year, AC5OG published a 4-part series in QEX concerning "Software Defined Radio" - a radio architecture in which signal processing is accomplished with software. The series concluded with the presentation of the SDR-1000 transceiver, which is of great interest to homebrewers and advanced experimenters.

"NJQRP DDS Daughtercard"  ...  by George Heron, N2APB
How many ways can you use a self-contained, high-precision dc-30 MHz signal source contained on a 1" x 2" plug-in circuit board? How about as a stand-alone VFO, a signal generator for your bench, a replacement LO for your Sierra or NC40 transceiver, or perhaps as the heart of an antenna analyzer! Control it with your favorite microcontroller, or even hang it off the parallel port of your PC. Any way you do it, youíll be generating quality signals for under $20.

"Building the NorCal Keyer"  ...  by Jim Kortge, K8IQY
The NorCal Keyer is wonderful training project for beginning homebrewers. Itís a programmable iambic memory keyer with beacon, straight key and bug modes, and variable speed control. Veteran elmer K8IQY takes us through construction of this useful kit.

"AZ ScQRPions Class-E Transmitter"  ...  by Jerry Haigwood, W5JH
Build this easily constructed, stable-frequency and low-cost 3-5 watt Class-E transmitter for use on 40-30-20 meters. With efficiencies greater than 95%, what more could you want!

"TTAM: Test Topics And More"  ...  by Joe Everhart, N2CX
Veteran QRPer and Hall of Fame member N2CX has a penchant for test and measurement equipment.  Actually, it's an obsession, and he shares his ideas and experience with readers in this regular column, addressing in three subheadings each issue: Coming to Terms, Designed for Test, and Stimulus and Response.

"Operator News"  ...  by Richard Fisher, KI6SN
We are so lucky to have KI6SN as a regular columnist in HOMEBREWER.  in his Operator News column, Richard brings us member news, operating tips, strategies, nets, contesting ideas, and more. He authored a regular column in QRPp, and still continues his column in World Radio magazine. 

"Radio To Go"  ...  by James Bennett, KA5DVS/6
Portable antenna designer and experimenter extraordinaire KA5DVS covers aspects of portable ham radio operation. James defines "portable" as any operation away from a fixed station, and we'll see how he travels with ham radio, how he sets up temporary antennas and gear in the field, and tricks and techniques he uses for power sources and cabling. KA5DVS recently opened shop as "Pacific Antenna" with his PAC-12 antenna as a flagship product, so we'll probably see some examples of field operating with this gem of a design.

"QRP in the Great Outdoors"  ...  by Ron Polityka, WB3AAL
Few QRPers can compete with the "outdoors" QRP credentials of WB3AAL. Ron takes us on journeys up into the Appalachian Trail and shares his approach, preparation, and weathering experiences in this regular HOMEBREWER column.

"Tuning Up"  ...  by Richard Arland, K7SZ
QRP Hall of Fame member and QST columnist K7SZ shares with HOMEBREWER readers his unrivaled enthusiasm for rejuvenating and updating QRP rigs of days gone by.  This time Rich resurrects the classic Heathkit HW-7 and HW-8 transceivers with a style that puts TV evangelists to shame. Read all about it this time in Rich's regular column with us.

"QRP Contesting"  ...  by Ken Newman, N2CQ
This column appears in each issue and brings a detailed listing of contests going on over a three month period, including links to the sponsoring organizations providing details for the event.  Veteran contester N2CQ is renowned for maintaining this list for various QRP organizations, and he offers some of his contesting wisdom in each issue with us.

"Introducing the American QRP Club"  ...  by AmQRP Leadership Team
Who is the AmQRP, why was it formed, and what are its goals? Learn all about the club's motivation and direction from its leadership team: KI6DS, N2APB, WA6GER, N2CX and AK1P.

"A Message to NJQRP and NorCal"  ...  by G. Heron, N2APB and D. Hendricks, KI6DS
The exciting merger of the NorCal QRP Club and the New Jersey QRP Club began on June 4th, and the benefits are already becoming obvious for QRPers throughout the United States. But how does this specifically affect the members of NorCal and NJQRP?  Hear from the spark plugs of these organizations how things are simultaneously "the same and better" at the local club level.

"Introducing ... The Az ScQRPions"  ...  by John Stevens, K5JS
The ScQRPions have been around for some time, and many QRPers throughout the world have benefited from their enthusiasm and esprit de corp.  They sponsor the ever popular FYBO and BUBBA operating events, and they are kitting the Class E Transmitter project described in this issue.  

"Introducing ... The Four State QRP Group"  ...  by Dave Bixler, W0CH
So just where is the Four State area in the heartland of the US? W0CH tells us all about this, including the motivated group of QRPers at the core of this newest group to have joined ranks with the AmQRP.  These guys are already stepping up to "give back" to all QRPers by hosting an annual QRP weekend called Ozarkcon", and they're kitting and selling the popular KD1JV "Tenna Tuner" as a fund raiser to do so. What an amazing group!

"QRPacificon QRP Forum"  ...  by Doug Hendricks, KI6DS
Are you going to attend QRPacificon, the oldest and best QRP weekend forum west of the Mississippi?!  QRPacificon is being hosted by NorCal on October 17-19 in San Ramon, CA, and will feature some of the best QRP presentations from experts in their respective areas all day Saturday, plus social events on Friday and Saturday evenings.  A "Pacificon Kit" will be provided in advance to all those who register and is guaranteed to be the hit of the weekend.  (The other best QRP weekends sponsored by the AmQRP are "Atlanticon" on the east coast, hosted by the NJQRP, and "Ozarkcon" in the center of the country, hosted by the 4SQRP Group.)

"Kits from the NJQRP, NorCal and 4SQRP"
We understand how QRPers like kits -- building them, collecting them, talking about them, modifying them and of course using them. Well, a strength the AmQRP Club has as an umbrella organization to affiliated clubs like NorCal, NJQRP and 4SQRP is that you, QRPers of America, get a chance inside HOMEBREWER to see, read about and purchase the collective kitting and services efforts of these clubs. 

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